Who offered Seva’s child to another therapist for OT sessions??? Grrrr…

Who offered Seva’s child to another therapist for OT sessions??? Grrrr…
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Who offered Seva’s child to another therapist for OT sessions??? Grrrr…

In the morning before I go to work, I am talking to one of my brothers on the phone; He is insane about all football video games (although in his late 40s) and he describes with such enthusiasm how he created a team of legends in FIFA and I'm on the other line, driving to clinic, listening and I’m like -How come you remembered all these players? (the ones that, by the way, I also used to adore as a child 😊!!!)

I am sitting in the office, it's about 9 am and I’m trying to make a To Do list, when unconsciously I take a look towards the reception room and who do I see? Seva!!!

I rub my eyes, I rub them again, he must be him and this must be his wife and this little one must be his son. I look at the screen with the appointments and read Alfred Seva appointment at 9.15 with Casey!! Whaaaat ??? With whom?? Casey ??? Really now?? How often is it happening for someone like Seva to come to our clinic and for his child to be seen by one of our therapists and this to be Casey and not myself ??? I’m furious!! I run to the office manager and tell her.

-What did you do? Have you got any idea who is this guy outside waiting??? This is Seva!!! And you gave his child to Casey and not to me???  

-I’m not sure what you are talking about, her cold response

and I’m getting even more frustrated.

I sit in my office again, Seva and his family pass in front of me (along with Casey who leads the way to the therapy room) and I stay there thinking for the rest of the day what questions I would ask him if it was me and how much I would learn from him on football stories and gossips that I adore, and of course how much I would give everything to help his child as much as I could.

Yes, and yet! This is what is in the mind of an Occupational Therapist-maddened with football !!!

And this:

10 Golden Rules of Neighbourhood Football Matches

#1 - No Referee

#2 - Whoever owns the football can decide who plays

#3 - If nobody has a football other objects will do

#4 - The fat kid is always the goalkeeper

#5 - If you are picked last, you have no hope in life

#6 - Football stuck under a car is the worst thing ever

#7 - Penalties are only awarded to a kid that swears a lot

#8 - The match ends when players are tired (or rule #10)

#9 - No matter the score "next goal" always wins

#10 - If the owner of the football gets pissed-off, it's game over