+-5 IQ selection of partner.

+-5 IQ selection of partner.
Photo by Neki's Clinic sessions

It is hypothesised that we choose our spouse using the foundational criteria of our limbic system, similarly to what the homosapiens used to do. Thus, we will unconsciously choose someone to be our secure base in life after the initial mysterious connection of our brains takes place. So what do we mean by the term +-5 intelligence quotient (IQ) partner selection?

This term can be used when you want to reason why you chose to hang out with that girl or that guy and not with someone else. How did your instincts whispered within your mind to go for this person and not for someone else? Also, why your attention focused on what strategies you will use to 'trap' your partner in your fishnets, who made you feel so confident that this was 'love from first sight'? Similarly, how come this tradition of the synoikésio (arranged marriage) counts hundreds of years with great results on average in terms of the long-life of the relationships / creation families and stability?

Simply put it, if your IQ is 110 (and you don't know it) you will unconsciously go for a +-5 in a scale of IQ, meaning a person whose IQ would be counted between 105-115. Of course, this is our null Hypothesis, but it is firmly believed that this is easily measurable in a large-scaled study, in order to prove it or not. Furthermore, this could potentially be able to erase the question mark in your brain on 'how come this person chose me and not someone else, and vice versa'.

Following the below statement, in various professional, family, social settings we struggle to connect with all people and we 'match' or be attracted by the ones that meet the +-5 IQ theory. For example, within our immediate family we have siblings that we have similar ideas, values, interests and we prefer them more than other blood brothers, or within our workplaces. Again we choose to hangout or tend to work more with the colleagues that we share the same brain capacity, and so on.

It is essential, in an effort to establish this theory as valid, to study other parameters as well.

- Does the +-5 IQ partner selection theory guarantees a successful love story? - what happens to the mismatched couples? For instance, a girl with 98 IQ gets married with an 120 IQ man,

or the opposite

- Is it important to know about the +-5 IQ partner selection theory before or after hand, and if yes why?

-What about Emotional Intelligence (EI)? How important is the skill of monitoring, appraising and regulating one's own and others' feelings and emotions in partner-selection processes?