Structured plan during summer holidays with children??? Can be relieving...

Structured plan during summer holidays with children??? Can be relieving...
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As an adult, you have the illusion, that during your summer holidays, you will create a program-free routine, you will go with the flow, eating, drinking, sleeping and swimming anytime you feel like it.

As a parent, young in the field of parenthood, you continue to have the same illusion, until is too late.

So, this post is for you.

When your child, usually the oldest, asking you questions in the morning such as, what are we doing today, what's first, what's next, when is this finished, for how long, do not ignore them. They do it for a reason.

Their whole life is manufactured to function within a strict routine; E-VE-RY-THING. From waking up at specific time, getting ready to go to school, the school time is largely timetabled, the afternoon clubs to the absolute specific time that tea, dinner, and bedtime are planned. How are you expecting them to function and regulate their emotional responses in a non-structured and new environment?

Well, if you want to prevent possible meltdown, overwhelming, exhaustion, disobedience, you have to add structure in your plans. For example,

- you take your kids to the beach; don't forget to remind when swimming time is finished.

- you go for football with your children and their summer friends; don't forget to announce ahead the match'' duration of time - say 90 minutes and back to our rooms.

- you let them be with their friends or other family; give clear instructions when time away from their parents is finished.

Alternatively, you can conduct an experiment. Stay calm, and wait to see when your children are going to voluntarily terminate swimming, football, cycling by themselves and come back to you or your room.

For those parents that their children are "living angels", please ignore the above recommendations, and go with the flow in your summer holidays!!!

Just so you know, we are jealous of you and life is unfair…