Post-it note to my young self

Post-it note to my young self

Training experiences. Numerous trainings around my work and music have taught me one thing. "I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing" (Socrates saying).

I will paraphrase this by saying that "One thing is certain in my life. The uncertain".

This is what I'm always thinking when I'm attending a new training/seminar/Masters, etc.

Basically, the more you learn, the more you identify to yourself that your knowledge is limited and it could broaden up. There will be always an individual who is more expert than you in something and it is silly to believe for yourself that you are the best in your field. You have received information from different types of sources in regards to this topic/area of expertise and your mind (νους) believed erroneously that that is enough information to refer to yourself as The expert. How wrong this is!!

Hypothetically, let just say that you have raised 3 children yourself, you have assessed and seen thousands in 13 years of OT experience and yet everyone is such a unique case. There are no manuals to recommend to parents. You can only hypothesise, suggest ideas and ask resiliently for feedback so that you analyse and offer new ideas again.

So, study more, observe more carefully, stay silent and hope for the best.

Do not work for glory or goods.

Work to help and support the community, the people, the nature and yourself.

If you can sleep peacefully knowing that you haven't hurt anyone and you have not based your success on a lie (Say or Do lies), you have arrived in the Happy Land. If not, there will be always time for a change.

Take your risks then and change your life!!

This would be the post-it note I would leave on the keyboard of Neki's desktop whilst he was playing video games on a hot summer midday somewhere in Greece, after his OT graduation some 15 years ago.